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Hi, I'm Julie...

But you can call me Ju.

I'm the human behind Hello Brand You. I'm a freelance photographer and videographer based in Oakland which is just east of San Francisco. There is nothing I LOVE more than to tell stories through film and animate objects to make them come to life!


Here's a little more about me so you can get to know the person you're entrusting to sprinkle magic on your brand.


I'm Belgian, born in Brazil, lived in 15 cities in 11 countries on 6 continents.


I dislike texting but love sending voicenotes on whatsapp.


I studied Economics then did a Masters in Marketing.


I'm a mom to 2 little girls & an anti-social cat, Uni, that we adopted in Panama.


I LOVE airplane food & time spent in airports but hate packing for trips!


My 1st job was in F1 racing working for a Sports Management company.


I met my husband whilst working as a product manager at l'Oréal in Miami.


My favorite cocktail is a Pisco Sour & snacks Grills chips (only sold in Belgium, WHY?)


My sister is in Cuba, my brother in HK & my parents in Belgium. I miss them TONS!

5 random things I love


My weekly Arabic lessons

Having my nails painted all sorts of fun colors

Watching tutorials & signing up to a bunch of classes

Vintage objects with a story (my moms rings are my fave!)


I started with Nikon

I take way too many photos!

I now mainly shoot on my Sony A7R3

I started as a Birth Photographer & Filmmaker in Dubai

Due to the pandemic & move to SF Bay Area I pivoted to Brand Films!

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